• UrbanDrive: The basic conditions for renting a vehicle are:
  • That the user must be at least 23 years old and no more than 70 years old
  • That he must have a driver's license and a minimum of 2 years of driving experience
  • To have a valid identification document - ID card or passport
  • That he is a credit card user due to the deposit required when renting a vehicle

UrbanDrive: The minimum rental duration can be 48 hours (2 days).

UrbanDrive: Of course. It happens to us, and in those situations we coordinate with our clients regarding the duration of the lease, the type of vehicle, as well as a more effective financial structure.

UrbanDrive: Of course, but with the approval of the Urban Drive rent a car agency.

UrbanDrive: You should check the condition of the vehicle prior to collection and note on the separate vehicle condition form. If any irregularity is noticed, it is necessary to inform the rent-a-car agency.

UrbanDrive: The vehicle can be delivered/returned to an agreed, known and traffic-free location location in the city. Our clients often request vehicles to be delivered to the Arena or to Airport "Nikola Tesla. Also, the vehicle can be delivered/returned within working hours or outside it with an extra charge.

UrbanDrive: It is possible, with prior coordination, or if the specific vehicle is immediately available.

UrbanDrive: If a more specific vehicle is rented, a deposit is required for the duration of the entire rent. The deposit is made by credit card or in physical currency. When the correct vehicle is returned agency, the deposit is calculated and returned, if the vehicle is not damaged or there were no traffic violations.

UrbanDrive: Of course. In accordance with the law that prescribes a mandatory seat for children aged up to 3 years, it is possible to rent seats for children. Also, if you need a roof suitcase, or bike racks, can be rented.

  • UrbanDrive: If damage occurs to the rented vehicle, the client is obliged to act according to the following rules:
  • The client is obliged to immediately inform the police, as well as the rent-a-car agency,
  • The client should record data about other event participants,
  • To fill out an accident/theft/damage report when returning the vehicle to the agency,
  • To create a short statement describing the causes and circumstances in which the accident/theft/damage occurred.
  • It is necessary to know that the police report is mandatory for all types of insurance. Without a police record, the full amount of the damage will be borne by the user.

UrbanDrive: Yes, if it is the winter period, the vehicle has winter tires, and also there are chains and accompanying equipment in the vehicle. Of course, with the arrival of the summer period, she drove they are serviced and summer tires are installed.

UrbanDrive: It is possible, but it is necessary to indicate which person it is when renting. Also, the data and necessary documents of this person should be provided.