Long-term-Operational vehicle rental

Regardless of whether you are traveling privately or for business in the long term, UrbanDrive offers you the possibility of long-term-operational vehicle rental. Long-term-Operational vehicle rental as an option gives our clients the opportunity to enjoy the trip in a relaxed way and not to think about it. about numerous costs such as services, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and many other reasons.

Also, long-term operational vehicle rental gives you the flexibility to choose different vehicles, where our team will help you choose the vehicle and the repayment period.

  • Advantages of long-term operating vehicle rental:
  • Selection of different types of vehicles
  • You don't think about the risk and accompanying costs (services, registration, insurance)
  • Vehicle replacement in case of breakdown or damage
  • Focus on your own business, while we take care of the vehicles
  • Satellite monitoring of vehicles and fuel consumption with a monthly report
  • Benefits that the company has in case of car rental:
  • No cost of ownership
  • The profit tax base is reduced, because lease installments are a tax-deductible expense
  • It increases the liquidity of the company, not the indebtedness
  • Vehicle depreciation on our books, not yours
  • Cost control for the duration of the contract

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